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Posted 12/26/2021

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N49 Interactive has been paving the way for Canadian businesses for over 10 years. In addition to exceptional web design and build, N49 interactive has developed the most powerful online directories for local business advertising in Canada. N49 directories operate in multiple business verticals such as home renovations, weddings and events, automotive and more.

N49 Interactive is a pioneer for local business advertising on the internet. N49 Interactive has developed some of Canada's leading online directories; they include N49 Local, GoPro.ca, Celebrate.ca, HomeReno.com and UTV.ca. N49 directories showcase local businesses to customers and allow them to obtain quotes, read and write reviews and find a local business that meets their needs.

Web Services
N49 Interactive offers small to medium businesses end to end online solutions. N49 Interactive manages your entire site development from a unique brand identity to your web design and build; incorporating all the business tools you'll need to manage your site now and in the future. N49 Interactive offers a full complement of online services. 

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