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About Listings of

We're Internet marketing gurus in Durham, NC with a love-hate relationship with directories

Our Mission

To better facilitate quality connections between businesses and directories by providing a simple, freemium, unbiased, and trusted medium for discovery and promotion that unites parties through useful data and mutual purpose.

"Low-quality directory or bookmark site links. Exchanging money, goods, or services for links."

-Google's Webmaster Guidelines on what it considers to be "Link Schemes."

Who Can Join?

  • Online directories and/or search engine sites with a clear non-reciprocal submission page.
  • All submissions are subject to editorial moderation. Refunds will be given in cases where we are unable to approve your directory submission.

How it Works

Rules, Values, & Promise

  • When uploading files for directory listings or list post featured images, please use the recommended dimensions and optimize with a free service such as TinyPNG.

  • Creating online lists with  Listings of is free for member directory owners. Outside businesses may PM members for inclusion, however, members are prohibited from exchanging money, goods, or services for links. However, members may use these conversations for marketing purposes.

  • *Free accounts are charged Stripe's minimum transaction fee for anti-spam and live verification purposes only. A coupon is provided to make this initial transaction free. Since we do not profit from these transactions, this isn't an exchange of money or services for links. Members may choose to upgrade to paid memberships for increased internal search visibility and lead generation, however, we do not charge for individual leads. We're committed to reinvesting any profits we do make directly into our directory for decades to come.

Our Story

Hi, my name is Derek, an online marketer in the Raliegh-Durham area of North Carolina, and I hate doing citations! Moreover, I hate paying more for cost-inflated freelance local citation services! Doing it myself I'd never know for sure if the "free listings" were actually going to be "approved" or not, and I always seemed to attract clients in the rarest of niches where no categories existed, like concrete pipe-making machines! From the start, I was a huge believer in white hat SEO, and in particular, relevancy, and I started fighting spam on the internet by actively reporting my competitors.

I think there's still a market for quality citations, not even the big names like Bright Local are considering Google's webmaster guidelines on directories. This reality sparked my idea for Listings of by converting what was essentially a glorified Google sheet that my ethical SEO agency was using, into something everyone could use and benefit from FOR FREE! The expansion into data list accessibility was just the icing on the cake that put it all together. I mean, have you been on the internet these days!? It's hard to find any lean information, but I digress. No matter how you choose to use 
LO, I truly hope you can find some use for it in your workflow.