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Known Issues

  1. Directories not searchable - Fixed by Expanded Search & new form
  2. Directory categories are bugged - Fixed 12/18/2021
  3. Spam score bug on each directory listing page - Fixed 12/27/2021
  4. Spam score "$" showing on the registration form - Fixed 1/13/2022
  5. Redirect chain doesn't make sense, requiring additional clicks to get to directory posting - Fixed 1/17/22
  6. Rework of spam score slider is now required - Fixed 1/19/2022
  7. Spam score slider and $ customizations stopped working after an update - In progress
  8. Global search label is not updating should read: "What can we help you find listings of?" - In progress



  1. Order Yext network listings & data aggregation sites - In progress
    • List ourselves in more directories - In progress
  2. Implement basic SEO and Targeted Social Media Marketing - In progress (on-going)
  3. Rework packages and join page to bring more value per feedback - Complete 1/29/2022 (on-going)
    1. We need revenue to make improvements! Thank you early adopters for your investment!
      1. All plans are lifetime grandfathered and will continue to be moving forward as our needs evolve.
  4. Star ratings in directory search - In progress
    1. Note: We understand that many directories are owned and operated by the same entities, this is why we're retaining the default functionality of reviews in that they are tied to the account rather than the particular directory. In other words, one bad review will be held across ALL directories owned by that company. We believe this is best for trust and transparency where $ is exchanged.
  5. Create claimable listings for top free directories used by Bright Local and marketing niche directories - Complete
    1. More claimable listings (higher traffic and authority ones?) - Up next
      1. Goal of 100 of the very best
    2. Add at least 2 claimable niche directory listings per category - Up next
    3. Start adding quality claimable listings daily via freelancer and our internal list - Up next
      1. Goal of an additional 5,000 by year's end.
  6. More integration of lead generators around the site in relevant areas - In progress
  7. More lead generators - Request claimable listings "Quick submitter" - In progress
  8. Auto lead matching - In progress (next priority)
  9. Enable direct banner advertising - In progress
  10. Enable full GDPR compliance - Up next
  11. Clean up website design - Up next
    1. Add Endorsal integration - Up next
    2. Hire a designer to make improvements?
    3. Add instructional video and how it works video (SEO video for website)
      1. Youtube series on how to best utilize LO
        1. Private instructional videos for directory owners?
  12. Add more lists - In progress
    1. Hire freelancer?
  13. Market the directory on relevant Facebook groups
    1. Email marketing (already building a list of thousands!)


  1. Goal: add another 5,000 claimable listings.
  2. Start to market to claimable listings.
  3. Once we have enough active accounts market to Freelance Citation builders.
  4. and market to niches in our categories that may want relevant citations.
  5. Promote LO on content promotion networks.
  6. Hire developers to work out direct ordering requests via our list and registered freelancers.
    1. Ex: Sort, check, and add to order citations form where bids can happen.
  7. Mass email marketing for the industry's most affordable citation solution.
  8. Guest post blogging (how to quickly build citations) Promote it!
    1. Look into content marketing for the blog.
  9. Look into influencer marketing.

2023- 2024

  1. Continue to optimize the website for speed, SEO, and conversions.
  2. Once our basic concept is fully implemented, email members for feedback.
    1. Make changes based on community feedback.
  3. Adwords advertising.
  4. Facebook advertising.

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