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Submitted by Listings Of on 12/29/2021

Increased targeted traffic and backlinks!

Overall Rating

Ever since we listed our directory on Listings of we've seen a drastic increase in both traffic and revenue, but also our domains authority has increased as a result of new backlinks. We've since done away with our lead commission structure with freelancers now that we're able to network with marketers for free. Last week I created a claimable listing based on a lead I received from LO, and to my surprise, that lead was so pleased that they converted to a paid plan no questions asked! Thank you for creating an affordable solution to help us directories market to our target customers, excited to see where we can grow from here!

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Easy free data!

No more scouring the web for data that's easy to copy and merge with my spreadsheets, no more hiring freelance web scrapers for data that I should be able to copy, and no more searching or scrolling around past useless introductory text and endless marketing copy just to local the relevant information I'd like to copy.

Submitted by Derek on 01/06/2022

Cool Idea

Saves me time eliminating low-quality directories so my business can build citations while complying with Google's webmaster guidelines. The site still needs work, but it's new, I get it :)

Submitted by Derek on 07/09/2021