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Posted 01/01/2022

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This directory is for web designers only. If you have a company in a similar industry, like SEO for example, then please rather apply at our Web Designer's Collaboration Directory You are allowed ONE Standard (free) Listing per domain. If you want to list the same domain in other countries, you will have to purchase a Priority or Super Listing for each extra country desired. You do not need to renew your Standard Listing, but Priority and Super Listings only last 1 year Under no circumstances will we list dodgy links (porn, hate-speech, known plagiarisers, etc). If you send us spam, your link/s will automatically be deleted from the directory without warning, and you will be blacklisted for life.

We don't accept links that are subdomains of larger sites like Wix, WordPress, etc. as we find these sites are too temporary in nature. We don't accept links that redirect to another site. We don't accept links that are under construction We do not accept links that have pop up/under adverts or similar annoyances. Your listing must be in English and use proper punctuation. Furthermore, do not capitalise every word or the first letter of every word.

Do not mention specials, pricing, or anything else that could be construed as temporary in nature in your Standard Listing. Your listing may be modified by an editor for grammar or appropriateness. Standard listings are offered for free and we therefore have a right to reject whomever we please for whatever reason. Terms & Conditions are subject to change without notification. Please keep abreast of these rules.

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