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WherezIt.com is your source for local information. We provide a place for anyone to promote their local business, event, or community.

WherezIt.com was started by George Pierce of Stowe and Rene Churchill of Waterbury. George was looking for a handyperson to do some odd jobs, and was discussing how hard it is to find someone locally. This led to more discussions on how hard it is to find other local information, how difficult it is to do business if you use a cell phone, or a home phone, or would prefer E-Mail, how hard it is to get people to your website, and how much the internet is filled with junk in the form of flashing ads and misinformation.

It took over a year for all these thoughts and ideas to come together into this website. Today, George and Rene are working full time along with a growing staff to make this site a success.

Please don't hesitate to contact us with your questions, comments, or concerns!

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