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Posted 12/28/2021

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WebDesignFinders.net directory and all of it's contents are the property of the AnVision Ltd. (Shadrinsk, Russia).

2checkout.com, Inc. is an authorized retailer of advertising services offered by AnVision LTD at WebdesignFinders.net.
Charges will appear on your credit card bill under the name "2CO*WDFinders".

Common terms:

AnVision Ltd. accepts orders on the advertising services at webdesignfinders.net directory.
We don't accept orders from any kind of businesses which are:

  • Headquartered outside of the USA
  • Are not related to the web design theme.

Directory staff reserves the right to apply any changes to the advertising media provided by the customer (including listing details or banner advertising campaign graphics and/or details).

Platinum listings are sorted within their block by the purchase date, the earliest purchased on the top.

All the advertising services options are provided "as is", without any effectiveness obligations or any other obligations made by AnVision Ltd. You buy advertising on your own risk.

AnVision Ltd. reserves the right to change the advertising terms in any time, without any notice.

Customer agrees, that AnVision Ltd. can not be responsible for any delays or fails on the advertising services delivery if this delivery problems are caused by any of the 3-rd parties (including but not limited by: hackers, web hosting provider, etc.).

AnVision Ltd. reserves the right to refuse a listing submitted by anyone, without giving any explanations. If the listing refused is of Platinum type, a refund will be issued.

AnVision Ltd. doesn't offer any advertising options which include a direct linking (all the listings and banner ads are linked to the landing URL via redirectional script).

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